Ian Cackett
“Solving real-world problems using software”
Software Engineer / Lead / Manager

I have spent the last twenty-five years building software to tackle problems, pain points and needs.

I have worked in engineering management (2 years), tech leadership (20 years), architecture and hands-on engineering roles building software products for the retail, financial, advertising and media industries at start-ups and larger organisations. I also explored two solo ventures.

My recent interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly the extraction of knowledge from unstructured data and documents.

Articles: "The Internet of Things… That Are Crying Out For a Better UI/UX", "Why UX mockups shouldn’t be the primary focus when defining new product features", "Software Teams: Autonomous or Tightly-Aligned?", "Make Complex Things Understandable", "Why you should validate your UX proposals against data sources", "Building a Software Product Without a Tech Co-Founder", "Is the Serverless Dream a Reality?", "The Long-Term Value of Regular Curiosity", "Lego & Meccano", ... and more on Medium.com.